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Primary Pain Care Conference was a Success!

Held on June 12, 2015, this all-day conference was attended by over 300 clinicians, policy makers, and leaders in the health care industry. Speaker slides and video recordings of the conference presentations are available for viewing below.


View videos from the conference:
Presentation Videos and Slides:
  • The Opioid Epidemic: Overview and a Look to the Future - Video - Slides
    Chris Jones, PharmD, MPH
  • Evidence on the Safety and Effectiveness of Opioids - Video - Slides
    Jane Ballantyne, MD
  • Highlights of the 2015 Interagency Guideline - Video - Slides
    David Tauben, MD
  • Alternatives to Opioid Treatment - Video - Slides
    Andrew Friedman, MD
  • Prescription Monitoring Program in Washington State - Video - Slides
    Chris Baumgartner
  • Opioid Use in Mental Health and Substance Use Comorbidities - Video - Slides
    Mark Sullivan, MD, PhD
  • Weaning Opiates and Opiate Use Disorder - Video - Slides
    Andrew Saxon, MD and Charissa Fotinos, MD
  • Perioperative Opioids - Video - Slides
    Greg Terman, MD, PhD
  • Panel: Caring for Chronic Pain Patients in the Primary Care Setting, Moderator, Malcolm Butler, MD - Video
  • Panel: Opioid Use in Special Populations, Moderator, Dan Lessler, MD
    • Alyssa Stephenson-Famy, MD - Opioid Use in Pregnancy - Video - Slides
    • Gary Walco, PhD - Opioid Use in Children and Adolenscents - Video - Slides
    • Deb Gordon, RN, DNP, FAAN - Opioid Use in the Older Adult - Video - Slides
    • Pamela Davies, ARNP - Managing Chronic Pain in Cancer Survivors - Video - Slides
    • Panel Discussion and Q&A - Video
  • Panel: Pain Care Innovations in Health Care Systems, Moderator, Gary Franklin, MD, MPH
    • Michael Von Korff, ScD - Group Health Innovations in Opioid Prescribing - Video - Slides
    • Jeanne Sears, PhD, MS, PHN - Collaborative Care for Pain: Improving Chronic Pain Care in the Workers' Compensation Setting - Video - Slides
    • Erica Peavy, MD, CPE - Management of Chronic Opioid Therapy at The Everett Clinic - Video - Slides
    • Stephen C. Hunt, MD, MPH - VA Pain Care Transformation Initiative - Video - Slides
    • Panel Discussion and Q&A - Video

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